Texts by Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Lei Yamabe, and Lucas Zwirner

For over five decades, On Kawara created paintings, drawings, books, and recordings that examined chronological time and its function as a measure of human existence. His artistic practice was characterized by its meditative approach to concepts of time, space, and consciousness. He began making his now signature date paintings (known as the Today series) on January 4, 1966 in New York City and continued to produce them in different parts of the world up until his death. 

On Kawara: Date Painting(s) in New York and 136 Other Cities was published on the occasion of the artist’s fifth solo exhibition at David Zwirner in New York in 2012, which comprised a seminal presentation of over one hundred and fifty of Kawara’s renowned date paintings from 1966 to 2012. On view at the gallery was a comprehensive selection of works painted in New York in one gallery, while a second exhibition space presented works painted in almost all other cities visited by the artist. This large-scale, beautifully designed catalogue provides a comprehensive overview of forty-five years of date paintings and features one hundred and ninety color illustrations. The first part of the catalogue includes the complete series of paintings created in New York, while the second part focuses on a selection of works completed in various cities around the world. Also included are texts by astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, artist and writer Lei Yamabe, and writer Lucas Zwirner.