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Book Launch<br>Luc Tuymans Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings: Volume 1, 1972–1994

Book Launch
Luc Tuymans Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings: Volume 1, 1972–1994

David Zwirner Books is delighted to host an in conversation event in honor of the publication Luc Tuymans Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings: Volume 1, 1972–1994. Please join us at the ICA, London to hear the artist in conversation with Iwona Blazwick, Director, Whitechapel Gallery.

Luc Tuymans in conversation with Iwona Blazwick
ICA, London
Monday, March 19
Doors 6 PM. Event starts 6:30 PM

Seating is limited. RSVP to Irene McAllister, irene@davidzwirner.com

David Zwirner Books<br>Pop-Up Bookstore, New York

David Zwirner Books
Pop-Up Bookstore, New York

Visit for new releases and special offers on a selection of publication, posters, zines, and editions.

535 West 20th Street
10 AM – 6 PM

March schedule
March 17, CLOSED
March 24
March 31

New Release<br>Michaël Borremans: Fire from the Sun

New Release
Michaël Borremans: Fire from the Sun

The first in a series of small-format publications devoted to single bodies of work, Fire from the Sun highlights Michaël Borremans’s new work, which features toddlers engaged in playful but mysterious acts with sinister overtones and insinuations of violence. Published on the occasion of Borremans’s eponymous exhibition at David Zwirner in Hong Kong, this publication is available in both English only and English and traditional Chinese editions.

Current Exhibition<br>Isa Genzken: Sky Energy

Current Exhibition
Isa Genzken: Sky Energy

New work by Isa Genzken is currently on view at David Zwirner's 533 West 19th Street location in New York. This exhibition, the artist’s fourth with the gallery, showcases the diversity of her practice and includes a selection of new concrete sculptures, wall-mounted paintings and assemblages, and iterations of her ongoing Schauspieler (Actors) series.

Browse available Isa Genzken monographs here!

Current Exhibition<br>Stan Douglas: DCTs and Scenes from the Blackout

Current Exhibition
Stan Douglas: DCTs and Scenes from the Blackout

New work by Stan Douglas is currently on view at David Zwirner's 525 West 19th Street location in New York. The exhibition presents works from two recent series, DCT (2016–ongoing) and Blackout (2017), that together illustrate the artist’s overarching interest in the nature of photographic representation and its relationship to reality.

Browse available Stan Douglas monographs here!

Current Exhibition<br>Dan Flavin: in daylight or cool white

Current Exhibition
Dan Flavin: in daylight or cool white

Work by Dan Flavin is currently on view at David Zwirner's 537 West 20th Street location in New York. The exhibition will examine Dan Flavin’s use of different variations of fluorescent white light, focusing on significant works from the 1960s. The title refers to Flavin’s seminal text “‘… in daylight or cool white.’ an autobiographical sketch,” first published in the December 1965 issue of Artforum.

Browse available Dan Flavin monographs here!

Forthcoming<br>David Zwirner: 25 Years

David Zwirner: 25 Years

Published on the occasion of the twenty-five year anniversary at David Zwirner, this book paints a picture of the gallery’s growth and development through the lens of the artists that have shaped it. Above all else, David Zwirner has been guided by its artist-centric ethos. In ambitious gallery shows at every location, the gallery’s emphasis has been on artists and facilitating their vision. With archival imagery form the very early days of the gallery on Greene Street in SoHo, to its transition and expansion to Chelsea, London, and the Upper East Side, the catalogue captures the gallery’s devotion to its inimitable roster of artists and estates.

David Zwirner: 25 Years
David Zwirner, New York
January 13 – February 17, 2018

New Release<br>R. Crumb: Bible of Filth

New Release
R. Crumb: Bible of Filth

Featuring R. Crumb’s most outrageous sexual comics, Bible of Filth is possibly the dirtiest book around. This revised and expanded English edition contains all the original pieces from the 1986 volume, with over one hundred pages of additional material. Printed on bible paper and bound in leather, with gold debossing and edging, this volume looks and feels like a traditional bible, with no outward suggestion of what it contains.

New Release<br>Anni Albers: Notebook 1970–1980

New Release
Anni Albers: Notebook 1970–1980

A superb facsimile of the only known notebook of legendary artist Anni Albers, this publication offers insight into the methodology of a modern master. Beginning in 1970, Anni Albers filled her graph-paper notebook regularly until 1980.

New Release<br>Oscar Murillo

New Release
Oscar Murillo

With a body of powerful paintings, dynamic installations, and hauntingly poetic video works, Oscar Murillo has distinguished himself as one of his generation’s leading voices. Published on the occasion of Murillo’s 2017 solo exhibition at Haus der Kunst in Munich, this volume––the first dedicated overview of his astonishing career to date––presents the artist’s multifaceted practice from every angle. With an introduction by Okwui Enwezor and new scholarship by Anna Schneider and Emma Enderby, this publication offers critical insight into Murillo’s complex, vibrant body of work that continually offers enriching, powerful observations of the world around us.

Capsule 07: Oscar Murillo
Haus der Kunst, Munich
September 15 – March 18, 2018

Forthcoming <br>Luc Tuymans Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings: Volume 1, 1972–1994

Luc Tuymans Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings: Volume 1, 1972–1994

The first volume of a comprehensive record of paintings by the prolific Belgian artist Luc Tuymans highlights his generative early work. The years 1972 to 1994 witnessed the maturation of his signature method of painting from preexisting imagery—such as magazine images, Polaroids, and television footage—as well as his first solo exhibition.

Forthcoming<br>Suzan Frecon: painting

Suzan Frecon: painting

The result of a deliberative process guided by careful attention to spatial relationships, Suzan Frecon’s large-scale oil paintings are composed of asymmetrical curves that result in minor and major measured areas of color. Accompanying the artist’s solo exhibitions at David Zwirner, New York and London, in 2017, this publication features a selection of new monumental paintings carefully reproduced both as individual works and in installation views to best convey the experience of seeing the work. A specially commissioned essay by acclaimed art historian Richard Shiff examines the new body of work in relationship to painting and the experience of looking.

Forthcoming<br>Ruth Asawa

Ruth Asawa

Known for her extensive body of intricate and dynamic wire sculptures, American sculptor, educator, and arts activist Ruth Asawa challenged conventional notions of material and form through her emphasis on lightness and transparency. Presenting an important and timely overview of Asawa's work, this monograph brings together a broad selection of her sculptures, works on paper, and more. Together the body of work demonstrates the centrality of Asawa’s innovative practice to the art-historical legacy of the twentieth century.

<i>ekphrasis</i> series

ekphrasis series

The ekphrasis series is specially dedicated to publishing out-of-print, rare, and newly commissioned texts as accessible paperback volumes. The series is part of an ongoing effort to publish new and surprising pieces of writing on visual culture.

Available now
Ramblings of a Wannabe Painter
Chardin and Rembrandt
Degas and His Model
Pissing Figures 1280–2014
Letters to a Young Painter
Summoning Pearl Harbor

The Psychology of an Art Writer
Giotto and His Works in Padua

New Release<br>Letters to a Young Painter

New Release
Letters to a Young Painter

"As for you, my dear Balthus, you surely know full well the love that connects us. Yours with all my heart, Rilke." – Rainer Maria Rilke

Rainer Maria Rilke’s fascinating Letters to a Young Painter, written toward the end of his life between 1920 and 1926, is a surprising companion to his infamous Letters to a Young Poet, earlier correspondence from 1902 to 1908. In these eight intimate letters written to a teenage Balthus—who would go on to become one of the leading artists of his generation—Rilke describes the challenges he faced, while opening the door for the young painter to take himself and his work seriously.

New Release<br>Summoning Pearl Harbor

New Release
Summoning Pearl Harbor

"Now he had time to think. Tadayoshi Koga, 19 years old, had just crash-landed his Mitsubishi Zero airplane on the remote Aleutian island of Akutan. It was June 1942, six months after Pearl Harbor..." – Alexander Nemerov

Summoning Pearl Harbor is a mesmerizing display of linguistic force that redefines remembering. How do words make the past appear? In what way does the historian summon bygone events? What is this kind of remembering, and for whom do we recall the dead, or the past? In this highly original meditation on the past, renowned art historian Alexander Nemerov delves into what it means to recall a significant event—Pearl Harbor—and how descriptions of images can summon it back to life.

Forthcoming<br>The Psychology of an Art Writer

The Psychology of an Art Writer

An openly lesbian avant-garde writer of science fiction, Vernon Lee—a pseudonym of Violet Piaget—is the most important female aesthetician to come out of nineteenth century England. Though she was widely known for her supernatural fictions, Lee hasn’t gained the recognition she so clearly deserves for her contributions in the fields of aesthetics, philosophy of empathy, and art criticism. David Zwirner Books is reintroducing Lee’s writing through the first-ever English publication of The Psychology of an Art Writer (1903) along with selections from her groundbreaking Gallery Diaries (1901–4), breathtaking accounts of Lee’s own experiences with the great paintings and sculptures she traveled to see.

Forthcoming<br>Giotto and His Works in Padua

Giotto and His Works in Padua

The Arena Chapel in Padua was completed in 1303; Giotto, then considered the preeminent painter in Italy, was commissioned to paint it in 1306. The resulting fresco cycle, detailing the history, birth, life, and death of Christ, ranks among the greatest artworks ever created. Here, Ruskin examines the panels and brings them life, describing their many hidden details, all the result of Giotto’s unrivaled genius. It stands as Ruskin’s most compelling set of reflections on Giotto’s masterpiece—an artwork that, in Ruskin’s estimation, changed the very course of art history.

New Release<br>Gordon Matta-Clark: Anarchitect

New Release
Gordon Matta-Clark: Anarchitect

Published on the occasion of the artist's exhibition at The Bronx Museum of Arts in New York, this revealing book looks at the groundbreaking work of Gordon Matta-Clark, whose socially conscious practice blurred the boundaries between contemporary art and architecture. After completing a degree in architecture at Cornell University, Matta-Clark returned to his home city of New York. There he employed the term “anarchitecture,” combining “anarchy” and “architecture,” to describe the site-specific works he initially realized in the South Bronx. This compelling volume grounds Matta-Clark’s practice against the framework of architectural and urban history, stressing his pioneering activist-inspired approach, as well as his contribution to the nascent fields of social practice and relational aesthetics.

Gordon Matta-Clark: Anarchitect
The Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York
November 8 – April 8, 2018

New Release<br>Josef Albers in Mexico

New Release
Josef Albers in Mexico

Josef Albers in Mexico reveals the profound link between the art and architecture of ancient Mesoamerica and Albers’s abstract works on canvas and paper. brings together photographs, photo collages, prints, and significant paintings from the Variants/Adobe (1946–1966) and Homage to the Square (1950–1976) series from the collections of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation. Two scholarly essays, an illustrated map, and vivid color reproductions of paintings and works on paper illuminate this little-known period in the influential artist’s practice.

Josef Albers in Mexico
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
November 3 – March 28, 2018

New Release<br>Marcel Dzama: Drawing on a Revolution

New Release
Marcel Dzama: Drawing on a Revolution

Drawing on a Revolution is published on the occasion of Marcel Dzama's eponymous exhibition at La Casa Encendida, Madrid. The exhibition proposes a tour of the artistic universe of Marcel Dzama while presenting for the first time much of his most recent production, in which the artist encourages activism through "revolution".