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Solo exhibition<br>Sigmar Polke: Eine Winterreise

Solo exhibition
Sigmar Polke: Eine Winterreise

David Zwirner is pleased to announce the gallery’s first exhibition dedicated to the work of Sigmar Polke since having announced its representation of the artist’s estate. Curated by Vicente Todolí, the exhibition will take place at the gallery’s 537 West 20th Street location and will present a selection of works by the artist that address an expanded notion of travel. The works in the exhibition will range from playful takes on mass-produced tourist scenery from the 1960s to compositionally layered paintings from the 1980s that offer complex reinterpretations of travel-related themes, Romantic notions of the sublime, and hallucinatory imagery—thereby addressing both outward, physical travel and inner/mental, intellectual journeys.

Books on Sigmar Polke's work are available here.

Sigmar Polke: Eine Winterreise
David Zwirner, New York
May 7 – July 22, 2016

Solo exhibition<br>Francis Alÿs: Ciudad Juárez projects

Solo exhibition
Francis Alÿs: Ciudad Juárez projects

David Zwirner is pleased to present Ciudad Juárez projects, an exhibition of recent works by Francis Alÿs, on view at the gallery’s London location. This is the artist’s third solo presentation at David Zwirner and his first gallery exhibition in London in fifteen years. Over the past three decades, Alÿs has become known for his multifaceted practice, which encompasses public actions, installations, videos, paintings, and drawings. This exhibition brings together a group of works made by the artist between 2010 and 2015 in and about Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, a once prosperous border city that in recent years has been devastated by drug-related narco-violence.

Books on Francis Alÿs's work are available here.

Francis Alÿs: Ciudad Juárez projects
David Zwirner, London
June 11 – August 5, 2016

Forthcoming<br>The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen & Yayoi Kusama

The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen & Yayoi Kusama

Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” (1839), a story about a girl from the sea who followed her dreams and suffered a disastrous fate on land, is known all over the world (particularly in its animated incarnation). But the familiar story is brought to new life in this gorgeous edition, a collaboration between the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and artist Yayoi Kusama.

Forthcoming<br>Franz West: The 1990s

Franz West: The 1990s

Available for pre-order. Shipping August 2016

The 1990s proved critical in the development of the idiosyncratic style for which West is still known today. Published on the occasion of the gallery’s 2014 exhibition in New York, this fully illustrated catalogue gives an in-depth overview of this decade, arguably the most important of the artist’s lengthy career, and features essays by noted West scholars Eva Badura-Triska, Veit Loers, and Bernhard Riff.

New release<br>Al Taylor: Pet Stains, Puddles, and Full Gospel Neckless

New release
Al Taylor: Pet Stains, Puddles, and Full Gospel Neckless

Published on the occasion of the artist’s 2015 exhibition at the gallery, this catalogue presents a comprehensive examination of Taylor’s Pet Stains and Puddles, which encompass a large grouping of interconnected series that were created between 1989 and 1992; as well as works from Taylor’s later series Full Gospel Neckless (sic) that the artist made in Denmark for his 1997 solo exhibition at Galleri Tommy Lund. This fully illustrated publication will feature new scholarship on Taylor’s work by Mimi Thompson.

New release<br>Art & Beauty Magazine: Drawings by R. Crumb

New release
Art & Beauty Magazine: Drawings by R. Crumb

The eagerly awaited Art & Beauty #3 is released for the first time as part of Art & Beauty Magazine: Drawings by R. Crumb published on the occasion of Crumb's exhibition at David Zwirner, London that debuts the new work he created for the magazine’s third issue. Presenting all three volumes in one book, Art & Beauty Magazine is arranged chronologically and guides the reader through the twenty-year history of Crumb’s magazine, from the earliest images in the 1990s to the most recent drawings completed in 2016.

New release<br>Art & Beauty Magazine: Drawings by R. Crumb (limited edition)

New release
Art & Beauty Magazine: Drawings by R. Crumb (limited edition)

Art & Beauty Magazine is also available as a slipcased edition of 400 copies with a bookplate signed and numbered by the artist. One of America’s most celebrated cartoonists, Robert Crumb helped define cartoon and punk subcultures of the 1960s and 1970s with comic strips like Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural, and Keep on Truckin’. The open sexuality of his work, paired with frequent self-deprecation and a free, almost stream-of-consciousness style, have made Crumb into a global voice and a renowned contemporary artist.

New release<br>Bridget Riley: Works 1981–2015

New release
Bridget Riley: Works 1981–2015

Published on the occasion of her 2015 solo exhibition at David Zwirner, Bridget Riley: Works 1981–2015 presents paintings from the last thirty-four years of her career, including images of Rajasthan, a wall painting previously shown in Germany and England, and exhibited for the first time in New York. More recently, Riley has shifted back to black and white in her large-scale paintings, marking a departure from her recent colored stripe paintings and a return to the palette of some of her earliest works.

New release<br>De Wain Valentine: Works from the 1960s and 1970s

New release
De Wain Valentine: Works from the 1960s and 1970s

Published in conjunction with his critically lauded 2015 exhibition at David Zwirner, New York, Works from the 1960s and 1970s focuses on the artist’s pioneering achievements in polyester resin. A new scholarly text by Robin Clark on Valentine’s production from this period details his personal history and his innovations with this material.

New release<br>Donald Judd: Cor-ten

New release
Donald Judd: Cor-ten

Donald Judd: Cor-ten represents the first-ever focused examination of Judd’s works in Cor-ten steel, which he began to produce in earnest in 1989 and would continue to elaborate on until his death in 1994. This volume is produced on the occasion of the 2015 exhibition at David Zwirner, New York and includes scholarship by art historian Courtney Fiske that contextualizes these specific works within Judd’s oeuvre.

New release<br>Donald Judd: Complete Writings 1959–1975

New release
Donald Judd: Complete Writings 1959–1975

Complete Writings 1959–1975 was first published in 1975 by The Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and since then it has been the primary source for Donald Judd’s early writing. Reprinted by Judd Foundation, this collection of Donald Judd's writings is a sought-after classic.

New release<br>Fred Sandback: Light, Space, Facts

New release
Fred Sandback: Light, Space, Facts

Published on the occasion of Fred Sandback's exhibition at Glenstone in Potomac, this comprehensive monograph features a photographic tour of the exhibition, along with illustrations from the artist’s work in other media, including drawings, wooden relief, and wire and yarn sculptures from each decade of his career, as well as authoritative essays and unpublished notes and drawings from the artist’s archive.

Fred Sandback: Light, Space, Facts
Glenstone, Potomac
September 2015 – December 2016

New release<br>Gordon Matta-Clark: The Beginning of Trees and the End

New release
Gordon Matta-Clark: The Beginning of Trees and the End

Documenting the artist’s extraordinary accomplishments as a draftsman, this publication originates from the 2015 solo presentation at David Zwirner, New York, entitled Energy & Abstraction. This catalogue presents in vibrant detail selections from Matta-Clark’s Cut Drawings, Energy Rooms, Energy Trees, and his own “calligraphy,” many of which have never been published. This unparalleled presentation of Matta-Clark’s drawings is accompanied by new and exciting scholarship by Briony Fer, as well as a conversation between Jessamyn Fiore and contemporary artist Sarah Sze; it marks a major contribution to the literature on this highly influential artist.

New release<br> Jason Rhoades: PeaRoeFoam

New release
Jason Rhoades: PeaRoeFoam

This seminal publication is the first to properly examine and situate PeaRoeFoam within Rhoades’s career and to acknowledge its importance within the overall framework of his practice. The publication features a personal and revealing essay by David Zwirner, who began showing Rhoades’s work in the early 1990s, new scholarship by Julien Bismuth, and selected interviews from the Jason Rhoades Oral History project, conceived by Dylan Kenny and Lucas Zwirner, who have interviewed over fifty artists, curators, friends, collaborators, art historians, and others who intimately knew the artist—including curator and art historian Linda Norden.

New release<br>Kerry James Marshall: Mastry

New release
Kerry James Marshall: Mastry

Kerry James Marshall: Mastry is the definitive monograph on contemporary African American painter Kerry James Marshall, accompanying a major traveling retrospective. Richly illustrated, this monumental book features essays by noted curators as well as the artist, and more than 100 paintings from throughout the artist’s career arranged thematically by subject: history painting; beauty, as expressed through the nude, portraiture, and self-portraiture; landscape; religion; and the politics of black nationalism.

Kerry James Marshall: Mastry
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
April 23 – September 25, 2016

Kerry James Marshall: Mastry
The Met Breuer, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
October 25, 2016 – January 30, 2017

Kerry James Marshall: Mastry
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

New release<br>Ordinary Pictures

New release
Ordinary Pictures

Ordinary Pictures is published on the occasion of the exhibition at the Walker Art Center, which explores the photographic apparatuses and commercial interests that have given rise to our generic image culture through the conceptual image-based work of some 40 artists, including Sherrie Levine, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Christopher Williams.

Ordinary Pictures
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
February 27 – October 9, 2016

New release<br>Oscar Murillo: Frequencies

New release
Oscar Murillo: Frequencies

In 2013, Murillo began sending squares of raw canvas to selected schools in over twenty countries around the world, with the sole requirement that they be affixed to desks and illustrated by students. The canvases would stay there for a year and then be re-collected by the artist. Within weeks of their arrival, children from places as disparate as China and Slovenia began to draw, paint, write, and communicate, creating documents of their social and educational experiences. Frequencies catalogues the first year of Murillo's exploration, with intimate photographs of the participants and the project's myriad steps—the arrival of canvases to different schools, the process of wrapping desks, the students at work, and the final products.

New release<br>Raoul De Keyser: Drift

New release
Raoul De Keyser: Drift

Raoul De Keyser: Drift is published on the occasion of the eponymous show at David Zwirner, first presented at the London gallery in November 2015 and traveling to New York in 2016. Curated by Ulrich Loock, who contributes the catalogue’s text, the exhibition is organized around a group of twenty-two paintings that the artist completed shortly before his death. Collectively, these works have become known as The Last Wall.

New release<br>Raymond Pettibon: Homo Americanus

New release
Raymond Pettibon: Homo Americanus

Published on the occasion of his major European traveling retrospective at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg–Sammlung Falckenberg, Homo Americanus presents over six hundred works from every part of the artist’s career, the majority of which have never been shown before. This unparalleled selection of Pettibon’s work is the definitive single volume for novices and experts alike.

Raymond Pettibon: Homo Americanus
Deichtorhallen Hamburg–Sammlung Falckenberg
February 28 - September 11, 2016

Raymond Pettibon: Homo Americanus
Museum der Moderne Salzburg
November 19, 2016 – February 12, 2017

New release<br>Sigmar Polke

New release
Sigmar Polke

Published on the occasion of Sigmar Polke's exhibition at Palazzo Grassi in Venice, this book reproduces over eighty-five of the artist's works (including photographs and sculptures, along with numerous paintings), giving a full account of Polke’s reflections and studies made over his fifty-year career.

Sigmar Polke
Palazzo Grassi, Venice
April 17 – November 6, 2016

New release<br>Yayoi Kusama: Give Me Love

New release
Yayoi Kusama: Give Me Love

Give Me Love documents the artist's most recent exhibition at David Zwirner, New York, which marked the US debut of The Obliteration Room, an all-white, domestic interior that viewers are invited to cover with dot stickers of various sizes and colors. Texts include a "Hymn to Yayoi Kusama" by art critic and poet Akira Tatehata and a poem by the artist herself.

Yayoi Kusama is included in the 2016 TIME 100 List of the world’s most influential people.

Forthcoming<br>Alice Neel: Painter of Modern Life

Alice Neel: Painter of Modern Life

This insightful catalogue examines anew the full range of Alice Neel’s (1900-1984) celebrated paintings of people, still lifes, and cityscapes. Featuring around seventy paintings spanning the entire length of her career, this handsome book accompanies a major retrospective of her work, and reveals her underlying interest in the history of photography, German painting of the 1920s, and other artists, such as Van Gogh and Cézanne, all of which provided an important precedent for the veracity and raw emotional intensity of her figurative works.

Alice Neel
Ateneum Art Museum, Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki
June 10 – October 2, 2016

Alice Neel
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
November 5, 2016 – February 12, 2017

Alice Neel
Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles
March – September 2017

Alice Neel
Deichtorhallen Hamburg
October – December 2017

Forthcoming<br>Concrete Cuba: Cuban Geometric Abstraction from the 1950s

Concrete Cuba: Cuban Geometric Abstraction from the 1950s

Available for pre-order. Shipping November 2016

Concrete Cuba marks one of the first major presentations outside of Cuba to focus exclusively on the origins of concretism in Cuba during the 1950s, and includes important works from the late 1940s through the early 1960s by the twelve artists who were at different times associated with the short-lived group: Pedro Álvarez, Wifredo Arcay, Mario Carreño, Salvador Corratgé, Sandú Darié, Luis Martínez Pedro, Alberto Menocal, José M. Mijares, Pedro de Oraá, José Ángel Rosabal, Loló Soldevilla, and Rafael Soriano. Produced on the occasion of the 2015–2016 exhibition at David Zwirner, Concrete Cuba is the first in-depth catalogue on concretism in Cuba to be published in English.

Forthcoming<br>Dan Flavin: Corners, Barriers and Corridors

Dan Flavin: Corners, Barriers and Corridors

Available for pre-order. Shipping December 2016

Published on the occasion of the 2015 eponymous exhibition at David Zwirner, New York, Corners, Barriers and Corridors takes as its point of departure the artist’s influential show, corners, barriers and corridors in fluorescent light from Dan Flavin, presented at the Saint Louis Art Museum in 1973. The catalogue brings questions of architecture to the fore, exploring how this particular body of light works function in space, occupying key positions in rooms that highlight how the rooms themselves are constructed.

Forthcoming<br>Donald Judd Writings

Donald Judd Writings

Available for pre-order. Shipping October 2016

​In fall 2016, Judd Foundation, together with David Zwirner Books, will publish a new collection of Donald Judd’s writings spanning 1958 to 1993. This publication will include Judd’s best-known essays, such as “Specific Objects” and “Complaints I and II,” as well as little-known texts previously published in limited editions. Moreover, to provide readers with the context and breadth of his life’s work and thinking, this new collection will include three unpublished college essays and hundreds of never-before-seen notes, an important and unknown part of Judd’s writing practice.

Forthcoming<br>Ramblings of a Wannabe Painter

Ramblings of a Wannabe Painter

Available for pre-order. Shipping October 2016

Paul Gauguin wrote “Racontars de Rapin” only months before he died in 1903, but the essay remained unpublished until 1951. Through discussions of numerous artists, both his contemporaries and predecessors, Gauguin unpacks what he viewed as the mistakes and misjudgments behind much of art criticism, revealing not only how wrong critics’ interpretations have been, but also what it would mean to approach art properly—to really look. As the inaugural publication in David Zwirner Books’s new ekphrasis reader series, Ramblings of a Wannabe Painter sets a perfect tone for the books to come.

Forthcoming<br>Richard Serra: Forged Steel

Richard Serra: Forged Steel

Available for pre-order. Shipping October 2016

Published on the occasion of Serra’s 2015 exhibition Equal at David Zwirner, New York, this catalogue is the first in-depth overview of the artist’s works in forged steel. Widely regarded as one of the most influential American artists working today, Richard Serra is known in particular for his large steel sculptural forms, which deal primarily with investigations of weight, balance, density, and scale, as well as their effect on the viewer and his/her sense of space. Serra’s relentless pursuit of these questions over the course of his celebrated career has deepened our understanding of the effects of sculpture on space and perception, and broadened the scope of what we allow the genre to address.

Forthcoming<br>Toba Khedoori

Toba Khedoori

Published on the occasion of Toba Khedoori's upcoming exhibition at LACMA in September, this book documents the artistic development of the MacArthur “Genius” Award recipient who skillfully combines precise draftsmanship with a meditative quality, and who manages to invite viewers inside her works, despite their two-dimensionality.

Toba Khedoori
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
September 25, 2016 – January 2, 2017