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David Zwirner Books<br>Holiday Pop-Up Bookstore

David Zwirner Books
Holiday Pop-Up Bookstore

Visit our Third Annual Holiday Pop-Up Bookstore for last-minute gifts to give (and to get). For two weeks enjoy special offers on a selection of recent publications, posters, zines, and editions.

Wednesday, December 7 – Saturday, December 17
(closed Sunday & Monday)
10 AM – 6 PM
535 West 20th Street, New York

New Release<br>Promesse du Bonheur

New Release
Promesse du Bonheur

Book Launch

192 Books
192 Tenth Avenue at 21st Street
Tuesday, December 13, 7 PM

Beyond presenting new works, Promesse du Bonheur breaks ground for Michael Fried by combining eighty poems, a mix of lyric and prose poems, with thirty-three photographs, most of them made, all of them chosen by renowned American photographer James Welling. The photographs throughout often stand in oblique relation to the poems, and must be interpreted in their own right, as images and as complementary pieces of this mesmerizing whole. Promesse du Bonheur is a uniquely vivid and compelling volume, at once a collection of wide-ranging yet intimately related poems and a brilliant photobook, that aims to hold the reader/viewer in its spell from first page to last.

Forthcoming<br>ArtCenter Talks: Graduate Seminar

ArtCenter Talks: Graduate Seminar

Book Launch & Panel Discussion

356 Mission
356 S. Mission Road, Los Angeles
Sunday, December 11, 3 – 6 PM

This collection of never-before-published talks at one of the leading art schools in the United States, documents an exciting decade in the development of contemporary art and arts education, featuring interviews with renowned artists, curators, and writers.

Introduced in 1986 as an initiative by Richard Hertz (Chair, Academic Studies, 1979–2003), the Graduate Art Department of the ArtCenter College of Design, located in Pasadena, California, celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in 2016. This book documents the first decade of the department’s existence by presenting a selection from over three hundred talks, including a 1990 symposium conducted by renowned curator and art historian Robert Storr, as well as twelve talks from its artists and critics lecture series known as the Graduate Seminar.

New Release<br>Donald Judd Writings

New Release
Donald Judd Writings


Crowley Theater
98 S Austin St, Marfa
Saturday, December 10, 6 PM

With hundreds of pages of new and previously unpublished essays, notes, and letters, Donald Judd Writings is the most comprehensive collection of the artist’s writings assembled to date.

This timely publication includes Judd’s best-known essays, as well as little-known texts previously published in limited editions. Moreover, this new collection also includes unpublished college essays and hundreds of never-before-seen notes, a critical but unknown part of Judd’s writing practice.

New Release<br>Chardin and Rembrandt

New Release
Chardin and Rembrandt

Long overlooked in Proust’s posthumously published writings, Chardin and Rembrandt, written when he was only twenty-four years old, not only reemphasizes the importance of visual art to his development, but contains the seeds of his later work. Published for the first time as a stand-alone volume and newly translated, this edition, part of the David Zwirner Books ekphrasis series, aims to introduce a wider audience to one of Proust’s most important and influential works in Western literature.

New Release<br>Ramblings of a Wannabe Painter

New Release
Ramblings of a Wannabe Painter

Paul Gauguin wrote “Racontars de Rapin” only months before he died in 1903, but the essay remained unpublished until 1951. Through discussions of numerous artists, both his contemporaries and predecessors, Gauguin unpacks what he viewed as the mistakes and misjudgments behind much of art criticism, revealing not only how wrong critics’ interpretations have been, but also what it would mean to approach art properly—to really look. As the inaugural publication in David Zwirner Books’s new ekphrasis reader series, Ramblings of a Wannabe Painter sets a perfect tone for the books to come.

New Release<br>Concrete Cuba: Cuban Geometric Abstraction from the 1950s

New Release
Concrete Cuba: Cuban Geometric Abstraction from the 1950s

Concrete Cuba marks one of the first major presentations outside of Cuba to focus exclusively on the origins of concretism in Cuba during the 1950s, and includes important works from the late 1940s through the early 1960s by the twelve artists who were at different times associated with the short-lived group: Pedro Álvarez, Wifredo Arcay, Mario Carreño, Salvador Corratgé, Sandú Darié, Luis Martínez Pedro, Alberto Menocal, José M. Mijares, Pedro de Oraá, José Ángel Rosabal, Loló Soldevilla, and Rafael Soriano. Produced on the occasion of the 2015–2016 exhibition at David Zwirner, Concrete Cuba is the first in-depth catalogue on concretism in Cuba to be published in English.

New Release<br>Richard Serra: Forged Steel

New Release
Richard Serra: Forged Steel

Published on the occasion of Serra’s 2015 exhibition Equal at David Zwirner, New York, this catalogue is the first in-depth overview of the artist’s works in forged steel. Widely regarded as one of the most influential American artists working today, Richard Serra is known in particular for his large steel sculptural forms, which deal primarily with investigations of weight, balance, density, and scale, as well as their effect on the viewer and his/her sense of space. Serra’s relentless pursuit of these questions over the course of his celebrated career has deepened our understanding of the effects of sculpture on space and perception, and broadened the scope of what we allow the genre to address.

New Release<br>Carol Bove: Polka Dots

New Release
Carol Bove: Polka Dots

Offering a rare glimpse into an artist’s studio, Polka Dots visually explores both the process and the finished work of one of today’s leading contemporary artists.

Built around a series of photographs by Andreas Laszlo Konrath taken over the course of multiple visits to Carol Bove’s studio in Brooklyn, this catalogue offers a unique, behind-the-scenes look into her practice. The catalogue also features an essay by Johanna Burton that charts the artist’s fascination with process and commitment to disrupting traditional ways of seeing.

Carol Bove: Polka Dots
David Zwirner, New York
November 5 – December 17, 2016

New Release<br>William Eggleston: The Democratic Forest, Selected Works

New Release
William Eggleston: The Democratic Forest, Selected Works

Published on the occasion of David Zwirner’s New York exhibition of selections from The Democratic Forest in the fall of 2016, this new catalogue highlights over sixty exceptional images from Eggleston’s epic project. His photography is “democratic” in its resistance to hierarchy where, as noted by the artist, “no particular subject is more or less important than another.”

William Eggleston: Selected Works from The Democratic Forest
David Zwirner, New York
October 27 – December 17, 2016

New Release<br>Donald Judd: Cor-ten

New Release
Donald Judd: Cor-ten

Donald Judd: Cor-ten represents the first-ever focused examination of Judd’s works in Cor-ten steel, which he began to produce in earnest in 1989 and would continue to elaborate on until his death in 1994. This volume is produced on the occasion of the 2015 exhibition at David Zwirner, New York and includes scholarship by art historian Courtney Fiske that contextualizes these specific works within Judd’s oeuvre.

New Release<br>Dzama / Pettibon: Let us compare mythologies

New Release
Dzama / Pettibon: Let us compare mythologies

This new zine documents an ongoing and widely celebrated collaboration between two of the most influential draftsmen in contemporary art, Marcel Dzama and Raymond Pettibon.

Let us compare mythologies is a continuation of this ongoing project and consists of a completely new group of drawings. The latest zine is published on the occasion of the artists’ exhibition at David Zwirner, London, in October 2016. Featuring Pettibon’s depictions of surfers engulfed in enormous waves intertwined with Dzama’s illustrations of costumed characters, this remarkable mural truly represents their partnership.

New Release<br>Kerry James Marshall: Mastry

New Release
Kerry James Marshall: Mastry

Kerry James Marshall: Mastry is the definitive monograph on contemporary African American painter Kerry James Marshall, accompanying a major traveling retrospective. Richly illustrated, this monumental book features essays by noted curators as well as the artist, and more than 100 paintings from throughout the artist’s career arranged thematically by subject: history painting; beauty, as expressed through the nude, portraiture, and self-portraiture; landscape; religion; and the politics of black nationalism.

The Met Breuer, New York
October 25, 2016 – January 30, 2017

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
March 12 – July 2, 2017

Featured<br>Kerry James Marshall: Look See

Kerry James Marshall: Look See

Kerry James Marshall's Untitled (Studio), 2014 is included in the artist's upcoming exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The painting is reproduced in Look See published on the occasion of Marshall’s first exhibition at David Zwirner in London in 2014.

Kerry James Marshall: Mastry
The Met Breuer, New York
October 25, 2016 – January 30, 2017

Forthcoming<br>Dan Flavin: Corners, Barriers and Corridors

Dan Flavin: Corners, Barriers and Corridors

Available for pre-order. Shipping December 2016

Published on the occasion of the 2015 eponymous exhibition at David Zwirner, New York, Corners, Barriers and Corridors takes as its point of departure the artist’s influential show, corners, barriers and corridors in fluorescent light from Dan Flavin, presented at the Saint Louis Art Museum in 1973. The catalogue brings questions of architecture to the fore, exploring how this particular body of light works function in space, occupying key positions in rooms that highlight how the rooms themselves are constructed.

New Release<br>Art & Beauty Magazine: Drawings by R. Crumb

New Release
Art & Beauty Magazine: Drawings by R. Crumb

The eagerly awaited Art & Beauty #3 is released for the first time as part of Art & Beauty Magazine: Drawings by R. Crumb published on the occasion of Crumb's exhibition at David Zwirner, London that debuts the new work he created for the magazine’s third issue. Presenting all three volumes in one book, Art & Beauty Magazine is arranged chronologically and guides the reader through the twenty-year history of Crumb’s magazine, from the earliest images in the 1990s to the most recent drawings completed in 2016.

New Release<br>Art & Beauty Magazine: Drawings by R. Crumb (limited edition)

New Release
Art & Beauty Magazine: Drawings by R. Crumb (limited edition)

Art & Beauty Magazine is also available as a slipcased edition of 400 copies with a bookplate signed and numbered by the artist. One of America’s most celebrated cartoonists, Robert Crumb helped define cartoon and punk subcultures of the 1960s and 1970s with comic strips like Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural, and Keep on Truckin’. The open sexuality of his work, paired with frequent self-deprecation and a free, almost stream-of-consciousness style, have made Crumb into a global voice and a renowned contemporary artist.

New Release<br>Franz West: The 1990s

New Release
Franz West: The 1990s

The 1990s proved critical in the development of the idiosyncratic style for which West is still known today. Published on the occasion of the gallery’s 2014 exhibition in New York, this fully illustrated catalogue gives an in-depth overview of this decade, arguably the most important of the artist’s lengthy career, and features essays by noted West scholars Eva Badura-Triska, Veit Loers, and Bernhard Riff.

New Release<br>Wolfgang Tillmans: 2016 / 1986 EP

New Release
Wolfgang Tillmans: 2016 / 1986 EP

How to introduce the first record by Wolfgang Tillmans? Now considered one of the most significant visual artists working today, his very first passion in life lay with music. This record features on its B-side three songs recorded in 1986 in his home town of Remscheid. The A-side features two pieces recorded in 2015/2016. The 29-year gap in between were marked by Tillmans exploring music, pop, and club culture from many different angles.

New Release<br>Toba Khedoori

New Release
Toba Khedoori

Published on the occasion of Toba Khedoori's upcoming exhibition at LACMA in September, this book documents the artistic development of the MacArthur “Genius” Award recipient who skillfully combines precise draftsmanship with a meditative quality, and who manages to invite viewers inside her works, despite their two-dimensionality.

Toba Khedoori
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
September 25, 2016 – January 2, 2017

New Release<br>Alice Neel: Painter of Modern Life

New Release
Alice Neel: Painter of Modern Life

This insightful catalogue examines anew the full range of Alice Neel’s (1900-1984) celebrated paintings of people, still lifes, and cityscapes. Featuring around seventy paintings spanning the entire length of her career, this handsome book accompanies a major retrospective of her work, and reveals her underlying interest in the history of photography, German painting of the 1920s, and other artists, such as Van Gogh and Cézanne, all of which provided an important precedent for the veracity and raw emotional intensity of her figurative works.

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
November 5, 2016 – February 12, 2017

Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles
March – September 2017

Deichtorhallen Hamburg
October – December 2017