Introduction by Park Kyung-mee. Texts by Kai Hong, Kate Lim, and Richard Vine

This monograph serves as a comprehensive survey of Yun Hyong-keun's oeuvre covering forty years from his earliest surviving efforts through his very last works. This overview is accompanied by insightful critical essays by Kai Hong, Kate Lim, and richard Vine that offer diverse contemporary perspectives on the style, themes, and historical context of this remarkable artist.

Korea's Dansaekhwa movement which formed one of the most complex efforts at artistic expression in the 1970s has at long last started to attract international interest and a serious appraisal by experts outside of Asian art. Yun was a central figure in the Dansaekhwa movement who also firmly established his own artistic integrity by drawing on traditional Korean art and themes as the root for his conceptual approach and aesthetic sensibility.

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