Edited by Jörg Schellmann. Introduction by Thomas Weski

The numerous photographic series of Thomas Ruff (born 1958) are consistently compelling. In larger-than-life-sized portraits we encounter the intent gazes of young adults. Sterile building façades serve as a commentary on the misery of urban sprawl. Pixelated nudes from pornographic websites render important details almost indecipherable while underscoring the power of these images. In exhibitions the photographer shows large-scale prints, which are produced in a very limited number. However, he consistently produces small-format photographic prints using a range of reproductive techniques, which are usually produced in editions of 30 or more to make them affordable for a broader art audience. This catalogue raisonné of editions was prepared by Jörg Schellmann in close cooperation with Thomas Ruff and is based on the most up-to-date research. The works are organized chronologically—not according to the year the image was created but its year of production. The volume presents all signed and numbered editions by the artist from 1988 onward.