Texts by Stan Douglas and Pedro Lapa

History and Interregnum. Three Works by Stan Douglas is published by Museu Coleção Berardo on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition. It features an extensive essay by Pedro Lapa, the artistic director of the museum and the curator of this exhibition, which takes an in-depth look at the “trilogy” of works which include Disco Angola (2012), Luanda-Kinshasa (2013) and The Secret Agent (2015). The book, which is replete with illustrations of these three works as well as two series of photographs showing their production, also includes the final version of the script for The Secret Agent by Stan Douglas himself.

History and Interregnum looks at the relationship between history and fiction through the practice of reenactment, as seen in three works by Stan Douglas. The Secret Agent (2015), Disco Angola (2012) and Luanda–Kinshasa (2013) all draw upon the same historical period, which saw the emergence of different universalist and multicultural hopes for a transformed world. The recent history of Portugal, namely the Carnation Revolution of 1974 and decolonization, and manifestations of culture such as jazz-rock, disco, funk and afrobeat, contribute to a political and multicultural emancipation dreamed of in those times, but ultimately eclipsed by new configurations of power. This book is a consideration of a politics of means, taking as its starting point the idea of a state of interregnum exemplified by these moments, exploring it in the light of artistic devices used by Stan Douglas.