Texts by Byron Coley, Jonathan Lethem, Kitty Scott, and Robert Storr

Produced in close collaboration with the artist, this comprehensive collection of Raymond Pettibon’s work spans his early flyers for the influential band Black Flag through his most recent political work, and includes previously unpublished material, as well as zines, posters, and excerpts from screenplays. Perhaps unlike any artist of his generation, Pettibon best captured the discontent and counterculture spirit of the late 1970s and early 80s in America.

Immersed in the punk scene in Southern California, he devoted his earliest work to flyers for Black Flag and zines that he created and sold in local record stores. His distinctive style took shape in those early days: slyly sophisticated pen-and-ink drawings with cartoonlike flourishes. With biting irony and a searing wit, Pettibon let loose on the hypocrisies and greed of the capitalist political machine. His work captured the attention of the Los Angeles art scene and, eventually, the international art world.

Also included is a collaboration between Jonathan Lethem and the artist, commissioned specifically for the book.

"Raymond Pettibon surveys the splenetic drawings of another disaffected son of Southern California.” –Bookforum

“Pettibon’s drawings are a world unto themselves, or rather a reflection of and reaction to the world as he sees it…It’s an impressive tome, heavy, beautifully printed, and slipcased.” –Style Zeitgeist