Edited by Bernard Dewulf. Text by Christoph Schreier, Larry Rinder

Today revered as one of Europe's master painters, Belgian artist Raoul De Keyser (born 1930) first came to public attention in the mid-1960s as a member of the Nieuwe Visie (“New Vision”) group, alongside Roger Raveel, Etienne Elias, and Reinier Lucassen—a fraternity of painters interested in reanimating earlier strains of European abstraction. De Keyser's abstractions balance austerity and gentleness, and retrospectively seem to evoke Color Field painting and Minimalism; usually modest in size, they have a special intimacy derived from a concoction of quiet compositional tensions and a softness of figuration. De Keyser has been a leading influence on a new crop of generation of painters, including Luc Tuymans, Rebecca Morris, and Tomma Abts. A beautifully designed publication, Replay traces the steady arc of a 40-year career, and is the essential monograph on this ultimate “painter's painter.”