Produced in collaboration with Pascal Dangin, this massive publication features actual-size reproductions of Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s series of 1,000 Polaroid photographs, edited down from a collection of 4,000 spanning close to twenty-five years. With Thousand, diCorcia effectively inverts his own tendency: the book is now the work itself. Flipping through the pages of Thousand is not so much a retrospective or summation of the artist’s life as it is an exercise in the construction of memory. Seen alongside Polaroids from some of diCorcia’s most recognized bodies of work and distinctive series – Hustlers, Streetwork, Heads, Lucky Thirteen – are intimate scenes with friends, family members, and lovers; self portraits; double-exposures; test shots from commercial and fashion shoots; the ordinary places of everyday life, such as airport lounges, street corners, bedrooms; and still life portraits of common objects, including clocks, and lamps.