La era de la sinceridad is a retrospective look at two of Oscar Murillo’s earliest and rarest publishing projects, A Documentation of The Artist’s Work and Oscar Murillo: Agua ‘e Lulo, both of which are newsprint publications. Rather than reprinting these small-run, zine-like papers, this photographic archive documents them as objects with three-dimensional physicality — photographed by Blommers and Schumm, the publication’s main content is devoted to high-gloss, still-life shots which record each folded page as a bona fide artwork.

To tie in with the haptic associations of a broadsheet paper, the artist’s newest painted works — from which the title of the publication is taken — are included as a series of fold-out posters at equivalent scale. The result is a new approach to archive and compilation. 

Also included are 5 loose, fold-out posters of Murillo’s paintings. 

Published in an edition of 500 copies 

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