Foreword by Kerstin Wahala. Text by Rudij Bergmann. Interview with the artist by Wolfgang Büscher

One of today’s best-known contemporary artists, New Leipzig School painter Neo Rauch (born 1960) blends the realistic figuration of Social Realism with Surrealism: brightly colored figures parade through upended environments, and multiple historical periods overlap in a single work. Most recognized for his paintings and drawings, Rauch has also created an impressive output of printed works over the past two decades, which visit the same themes as the rest of his output, and in Rauch’s own words “are accessories to my painting.” This publication presents the artist’s complete oeuvre of prints from 1993 to today, and celebrates Rauch’s gift of an edition of each of his prints to the town of Aschersleben in Germany, where he was raised. The collection will form the basis of a new art foundation and exhibition space, established in the artist’s name.