Artist's book

This editioned work, which is composed of a poster, ten booklets, and ten postcards, belongs to a recent body of work by Michael Riedel in which he investigates the constructed nature of language. Riedel created these catalogues by folding designs of his “poster paintings” into an A4 format and stapling the sheets together. A postcard-insert illustrates how the poster for each particular catalogue has alternatively been arranged on canvas, thus offering the possibility of dismantling the publication to re-create the original format. Tactile and playful constructions, the catalogues embody the particular “click-aesthetic” that permeates the artist’s larger oeuvre. Symptomatic of his disruptive and animated treatment of texts, their title, The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, has little significance in terms of content, but is a sentence that contains each letter of the English alphabet at least once. This pangram has been used for over a century to display typefaces and to test typewriters and computer keyboards. Here, it serves to underscore the staccato relationship between text, canvas, and paper in Riedel’s work.

Editions of this artist's book are available to purchase. Please direct all inquiries