Michael Riedel’s Meckert continues his series of publications (Oskar, 2003; Johnson Robert, 2004; Tirala, 2006; Gedruckte und nicht gedruckte Posters, 2008; amongst others), which are published as independent works parallel to his exhibitions. His texts are often generated from unedited transcriptions of recordings that he frames through a set of predetermined circumstances. He labels these works “text productions.” For Meckert, the artist asked four individuals in four different cities to make telephone calls using a written script, and to record the results. Riedel faithfully transcribed the recordings and incorporated them into his publication, which he filled with images of his past exhibitions, transcriptions of previously published sound recordings, images of selected posters and exhibition invitations, and an essay by curator and writer Daniel Birnbaum that originally appeared in Artforum magazine in 2005. Also included are a foreword by Ingo Niermann and an introduction by Marcel Bugiel.