​Marcel Dzama’s 2011 films A Game of Chess and Death Disco Dance revealed fascinating new developments in the artist’s iconography and range of media–perhaps most notably in his use of puppets and dioramas, which added more playful qualities to his imagery of conflict and terror, and underscored his dialogue with modernist artists such as Duchamp, Man Ray, and Oskar Schlemmer. This volume, published for Dzama’s exhibitions at Sies + Höke and Kunstverein Braunschweig, reproduces a wealth of new work, including images, stage sets, puppets, dioramas, and sculptures from the films; a suite of ten drawings called Forgotten Terrorists (2008–2011), that draw on a photograph of the Palestinian terrorist and hijacker Leila Khaled; and other recent drawings, such as Pepper Spray Saturday (2011), an interpretation of the already iconic image of policeman John Pike pepper spraying Occupy protesters at University of California Davis.