Edited by Tommy Simoens. Text by Manfred Sellink

Graphic Works 1989–2012 offers a retrospective of graphic work by Luc Tuymans, arguably the most celebrated Belgian artist working today, whose recreations of historically saturated imagery examine themes of memory and trauma. Using unpublished source material and proofs, Polaroids, and watercolors – some from the archives of master printer Roger Vandaele and the artist’s own studio – this book offers in-depth insight into Tuymans’s variety of graphic techniques and his process of analysis and translation of images, color separations, and proofs. The volume concludes with an illustrated survey of the artist’s complete graphic work from 1989 to 2012, ranging from a photocopied portfolio with a selection of Tuymans’s early drawings through suites such as The Spiritual Exercises to his masterpiece The Rumor, an installation combining a series of monotypes and a scale model in a single edition.