Introduction by Beatrix Ruf and Martijn van Vieuwenhuyzen. Texts by Alison M. Gingeras and Jamieson Webster, Jack Bankowsky, and Mark Godfrey.

Exploring new works by the provocative and irreverent American multimedia artist Jordan Wolfson.

Jordan Wolfson is known for his thought-provoking works in a wide range of media, including video, sculpture, installation, photography, and performance.

Produced in partnership with the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, this book focuses on two major new works, Colored Sculpture (2016) and Female Figure (2014). Operating somewhere between sculpture and interactive installation, these pieces rely on Wolfson’s contradictory relationship with technology to create an unsettling tension between the figure and the spectacle. Like Real Violence, Wolfson’s virtual-reality piece shown at the Whitney Biennial, and indeed much of his work in other media, the perspective becomes more complex once the works engage with viewers through movement and sound.

With original texts by Jack Bankowsky, Alison Gingeras, and Joey Frank illustrated with details of Wolfson’s other major works and installations—including his critically acclaimed films Animation, masks (2011) and Raspberry Poser (2012)—this is the most important book on Wolfson’s work to date.