"This is a Book of Drawings that was made by me, Jason Rhoades over the time of the conception, production, erection and realization of a project / sculpture 'Perfect World'.”​

Jason Rhoades: Xerox Book is a large-scale artist’s book consisting of over 400 single-sided reproductions of Rhoades’s drawings and handwritten notes, bound together by four aluminum screw bolts. Although originated by the artist during the presentation of his immense and critically acclaimed exhibition Perfect World at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg in 1999, Xerox Book was not an actual catalogue for the show, but instead a stand-alone object produced as part of the preparation for, and creation of the piece. Intended as a sort of user’s manual, the book reveals the artist’s grappling with the enormity of the Perfect World exhibition, as well as the conceptual and physical challenges he was facing in his creative process more generally.​

David Zwirner Books is reprinting Xerox Book on the occasion of the 2016 LA Art Book Fair. This numbered edition of 100 copies features all the original black and white reproductions as well as one of Rhoades’s original cover designs, a color photograph depicting his father’s garden.​