Texts by Giorgio Agamben, Bergit Arends, Frans B. M. de Waal, Adam Budak, Peter Pakesch, Laurence A. Rickels, Jason Smith, and Diana Thater

In 2009, Diana Thater’s monumental video installation, gorillagorillagorilla, debuted at the Kunsthaus Graz in Austria, organized in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London, to celebrate the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth. Studying the complexities of the natural world and their relationship with the human being, Thater’s gorillagorillagorilla refers to the trinomial name for Western Lowland Gorillas (genus: species: subspecies) that the artist filmed in 2008 at the primate rescue center in Mefou National Park in Cameroon. Published to accompany the exhibition, this bilingual catalogue (English and German) includes texts by the exhibition’s curators, Adam Budak and Peter Pakesch, and internationally renowned scholars and philosophers. The catalogue’s image selection comprises both installation views from the Kunsthaus Graz as well as a photographic essay by Diana Thater, which includes visual material taken during the filming of gorillagorillagorilla in Cameroon.