Text by Michael Rooks. Contributions by Allegra Pesenti, Lawrence R. Rinder, and Robert Storr. Foreword by Randall Suffolk

Al Taylor, What Are You Looking At? is the first major exhibition in the United States of work by the late American artist Al Taylor and represents nearly two decades of his career with sculptures, drawings, and prints that together reveal the polyglot nature of Taylor’s visual language and the reciprocity in his practice among drawing, constructing objects, printmaking, and observing. Works produced in one medium triggered the continuation of Taylor’s thought process in another or led to separate but related avenues of exploration across media. This mutual exchange resulted in elusive images and objects that offer propositions that often seem more scientific in nature than artistic, engendered by a process through which Taylor sought to realize works that might “create their own logic.” His voracious and omnivorous curiosity about the most quotidian things transformed these subjects into hypotheses for a series of unlikely and humorous observations grounded in the physicality of the real world. The fully illustrated catalogue includes essays by Michael Rooks, the High Museum’s Wieland Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art; Allegra Pesenti, Associate Director of the Hammer Museum and Senior Curator of UCLA Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts; Lawrence Rinder, Director of the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive; and Robert Storr, artist, critic, curator, and professor of painting and printmaking at Yale University.