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New Release<br> Noah Davis

New Release
Noah Davis

Providing a crucial record of the painter Noah Davis’s extraordinary oeuvre, this monograph tells the story of a brilliant artist and cultural force through the eyes of his friends and collaborators.

New Release<br> Josh Smith: Emo Jungle

New Release
Josh Smith: Emo Jungle

The most comprehensive overview of artist Josh Smith’s radical technicolor paintings. Josh Smith: Emo Jungle looks at the artist’s vigorous repetition of particular motifs, illuminating his approach to painting as an exploratory medium for image production.

Forthcoming<br>Suzan Frecon

Suzan Frecon

The newest monograph dedicated to the striking new work of internationally acclaimed abstract painter Suzan Frecon.

ekphrasis series

ekphrasis series

The ekphrasis series is specially dedicated to publishing out-of-print, rare, and newly commissioned texts as accessible paperback volumes. The series is part of an ongoing effort to publish new and surprising pieces of writing on visual culture.

New Release<br>A Balthus Notebook

New Release
A Balthus Notebook

In his 1989 book on Balthus—the storied and controversial artist who worked in Paris throughout the twentieth century—Guy Davenport gives one of the most nuanced, literary, and compelling readings of the work of this master. Reading it today highlights the change in perspectives on sexuality and nudity in art in the past thirty years.

New Release<br>Two Cities

New Release
Two Cities

From acclaimed poet and New Yorker writer Cynthia Zarin comes a deeply personal meditation on two cities, Venice and Rome—each a work of art, both a monument to the past—and on how love and loss shape places and spaces.

Forthcoming<br>Lucas Arruda: Deserto-Modelo

Lucas Arruda: Deserto-Modelo

The first comprehensive monograph on the work of Brazilian painter Lucas Arruda elucidates the artist’s intricate, meditative compositions.

Forthcoming<br>Anni Albers: Camino Real

Anni Albers: Camino Real

The first in-depth study of a monumental wall hanging—rediscovered after many years—by renowned Bauhaus artist Anni Albers, who was influential in elevating textiles from craft to fine art.

Forthcoming<br>Yayoi Kusama: Every Day I Pray for Love

Yayoi Kusama: Every Day I Pray for Love

In her most personal book to date, Yayoi Kusama brings us into her private world through poetic recollections, giving insight into her creative process and the essential role language plays in her paintings, sculptures, and daily life.

Forthcoming<br>Luc Tuymans: Good Luck

Luc Tuymans: Good Luck

Widely credited with having contributed to the revival of painting in the 1990s, Belgian painter Luc Tuymans continues to expand our understanding of the medium. Sourcing imagery from books, magazines, films, the internet, and increasingly his own iPhone photos, Tuymans’s unique selection of subject matter reveals his fascination with moral complexities.

Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series

Each title in the Spotlight Series from David Zwirner Books features new work by a leading contemporary artist. Available in both English-only and bilingual English/traditional Chinese editions, this series makes the work of these important artists accessible to a wider audience.

New Release<br>Carol Bove: Ten Hours

New Release
Carol Bove: Ten Hours

Carol Bove: Ten Hours presents new work by “sculpture’s woman of steel,” as coined by Randy Kennedy in The New York Times. Her new sculptures expand on her investigations of materiality and form.