Texts by Jean Fisher and Cuauhtémoc Medina. Interview with the artist by Russell Ferguson

Published as part of Phaidon’s Contemporary Artists series, this fully illustrated publication provides a comprehensive overview of the artist’s multifaceted projects, which include public actions, installations, videos, paintings, and drawings. Writer and curator Cuauhtémoc Medina identifies themes which run throughout the artist’s oeuvre and discusses his work in relation to the political and social landscape of Mexico City, the artist’s residence and setting for many of his artworks. Curator Russell Ferguson conducts an in-depth interview with Alÿs and Jean Fisher examines his massive collaborative project, When Faith Moves Mountains (2002), in which the artist invited 500 volunteers to displace a sand dune a few inches on the outskirts of Lima, Peru. The Artist’s Choice texts are short stories by Latin American author Augusto Monterroso, which reflect Alÿs’s interest in the role that animals and fables play in society. Also included is a selection of the artist’s writings.