Texts by Jonathan Crary, Nadia Chalbi, Frances Follin, Robert Kudielka, Anne Montfort, Eric Chassey, Semir Zeki. Interview with the artist by Lynne Cooke

Published in conjunction with a major retrospective at Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, this comprehensive volume illuminates the history and motivations behind Bridget Riley’s energetic art. Illustrations of over 60 Riley paintings are complemented by more than 80 drawings, which offers a unique opportunity to compare early works inspired by Georges Seurat alongside both her well-known black and white paintings during the 1960s and her recent canvases of curved forms and vivid colors. This bilingual catalogue contains six essays by Eric de Chassey, Jonathan Crary, Frances Follin, Robert Kudielka, Anne Montfort, and Semir Zeki; an interview with the artist by Lynne Cooke; a text about the two mural works by Nadia Chalbi; and an extensive biography. Providing an overview of Riley’s growing oeuvre, this volume is a detailed account of the artist’s ceaseless creative process.