Bridget Riley in conversation with Michael Harrison

Tracing Bridget Riley’s progress in the agency of stripes, planes, and curves through her paintings and studies from over 30 years, this volume situates the artist’s career in relation to her past. Published on the occasion of Riley’s exhibition at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge (24 September–20 November 2011), this catalogue explores the artist’s developments in color and shape. Riley’s early color paintings were strongly influenced by the discoveries of Georges Seurat and the Impressionists. Study of Paul Cézanne – in particular his practice of drawing with color and a desire to dig deeper into pictorial space – led to Riley’s introduction of planes in grids formed by the junction of intersecting verticals and diagonals. Accompanying illustrations of 13 works from the exhibition, an interview with the artist by Michael Harrison focuses on Riley’s continuous movement through color and the influence of other artists on her work.